Open source games and more!

Well, this is the first news post after this site was launched, I have been busy doing a lot of other things, but now I have a lot to post:

  • All the games: Bomb Stopper, Fire Run, Grizzly Gulch Gunfight and Test Game have been discontinued and are now open source. You can find them on the games page.
    These games are very small and was nearly made to test the game engine, bgt, that I use to create games with.
  • World Cup 2012 is still being worked on, but it takes a lot of time and we don’t have any new info to post here, but we will soon record an audio demo of it so you all can hear how it’s gonna work.
  • Survive is also still in development, and the newest concept demo contains a new intro and some new sounds, so check that out.

I think that’s it for now, oh I forgot to say that the game “The Bomb” will soon be put up as open source, but that’s written in another language so I haven’t had time to do that yet, but check back soon.
Happy gaming!
Marc, MarcroSoft

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